Artistic Value

In a previous post, I started in on the expansive subject of art vs. craft and artistic value. The subject is so broad, I’m sure I could go a lifetime without exploring its entirety, but there are some things I’d like to mention right away, with that last post in mind. Continue reading “Artistic Value”


Art vs. Craft, and Artist’s Statements

It can be hard to think of things to blog about as someone new to the game who wants to post regularly. Or semi-regularly. We’ll see. Point being, I’ve decided today to start in on a subject I care a lot about: art. Specifically, the difference between art and craft. Continue reading “Art vs. Craft, and Artist’s Statements”

No Mistakes In Jazz

No Mistakes In Jazz was the title of my college capstone exhibition of functional ceramics. It referred to a quote that I’ve seen attributed to several different people, but which at any rate comes from – shockingly – the world of jazz. I’ve understood it to mean that mistakes cannot arise from an artist who is genuine and present. This body of work was an effort to put that idea into practice. Continue reading “No Mistakes In Jazz”