Marc Lewis is a recent college graduate whose degree is in studio art. His work focused on functional ceramics and his concepts focused on the fact that the fine arts are not so different from each other, really. As you might assume from someone with that attitude, his experience and art have encompassed ceramics (functional and sculptural), music (with over 16 years of guitar in particular), jazz performance, lutherie, leatherworking, the service industry, woodworking, Spanish, radio DJing, sculpture (mixed media and found object, in addition to the aforesaid ceramic), and various 2D media; his blogging is an effort to add writing to the list. He is moving to Chicago in the very near future to pursue any professional opportunity that allows him to stay close to the arts.

Marc is always willing to discuss art, craft, particular media, thoughts, opinions, trade secrets, and anything involving David Bowie. If those are things that interest you, why not check out the Contact link above?