Passionate About Too Many Things

Being an adult sucks. Where’s the paperwork for opting out?


There’s a lot of stuff I love. I love playing music, talking about music, making pottery, writing, leatherworking, woodworking, luthiery, talking about arts and artists, baking bread, and many other things that you may recognize as not being a combination of things you’ll find in one job. And those are only the things that I think might possibly make me money – there’s all kinds of stuff I’m interested in doing or learning about that don’t feel like they should inform my job search, like video games and Netflix. Beyond that, even, there are plenty of things I’d be pretty okay with doing as a job, which doesn’t narrow things down any.

If I were passionate about, like, three fewer things, that would narrow my career focus immensely. As it stands, I’m trying to find something that lets me work with my hands, be relatively active, and exercise some creative license; now, that might sound like a fairly simple task, but whenever I decide to look into a certain niche, I worry about all those other things I love that I wouldn’t be able to do at work, and I can’t shake the feeling that I’d lose them. Add to that the absurdity of an educational system that insists that career paths be basically set in high school and you end up with a college graduate who’s unemployed, poor, and discouraged just because he loves too many things (although the student loans ensure the poverty for some time to come). Not to mention the fact that some people don’t seem to think people should enjoy their jobs, and the whole “need experience to get experience” trope, neither of which are helpful.

I wish I had a more positive direction to take this post. I’m finding that I like writing a lot, so hopefully I’ll make something out of that. But as it stands…man, this career thing is hard.

So, uh, if anyone’s looking to hire a woodworker/leatherworker/writer/guitarist, let me know.

3 thoughts on “Passionate About Too Many Things”

  1. A) a career is no longer a lifetime commitment. Do what you want, when you want, then change.
    B) going in a single direction isn’t for everyone, you’re too smart not to have lots of hobbies
    C) be a baker. Bread is beautiful. You’re done with work at 12. Rest of the day for activities
    D) I’m super biased and you have no reason to listen to me.
    E) sometimes decisions limit people
    F) this list is far too long.
    G) seriously though, baker. It’s fun.

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    1. All good advice! It’s such a pervasive attitude that a career has to be set at graduation and stay the same forever, but that’s both bad for people and not how it usually works. Anyway, know any Chicagoan bakeries that are hiring? I’m down for that.


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